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Nepal has a rich tradition of sculpture and painting. The new wave of artist are blending modern techniques and mediums to represent their spiritual and tranquil home. We provide photos and information on the artists and let you enjoy the paintings they produce.

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Painters of Nepal
All photos are of items we have purchased directly from the artists for our gallery or are photographed on location with the artist. We include medium, size, price and artist background with each listed work of art.


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S. Gurung

B Gurung

Ram Bdr. Lama

Modern Art on Deep Meditations
Artist: Gopal Shrestha of Nepal
  Landscape Oil Paintings of Nepal
Artist: Samuel Gurung of Nepal
Modern Art on Nepal's Culture
Artist: Buddhi Gurung of Nepal
  Buddhist Thangka Paintings of Pure Gold
Artist: Ram Bdr. Lama of Nepal
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Welcome to 4CornersOfTheWorld, a representation of people and arts of Tibet and Nepal. Here's how we work. We travel to the exotic lands, and meet and greet with the top artists around. On location, we usually buy what we feel are the best pieces of art from that individual. We also photograph the artist, record his/her inspirations and/or photograph their homes and communities. This enables two things to happen. First, buyers seeking authentic art from these most peaceful and alluring locations now have a place to find and purchase arts, as well as share in the origins of their purchases. Secondly, it serves to promote these talented masters and open a new outlet for sharing and exporting their works. The vast majority of profits (85%) are returned to the artists or their villages. Our goal is to be a catalyst for these remote talents gaining the visibility and financial support they deserve.

To be completely open with our business practices, I must say that profits from incense and teas are the revenue generating portion of our business. And although our prices are great, this wholesale and internet sale of these items is what keeps us growing and expanding.

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