The two primary tourist areas of Nepal are Kathmandu and Pokhara. Kathmandu has a hosts of fine hotels and most also offer casinos, such as the Hyatt, and the Hotel Yak and Yeti. Yet all of these fail in comparison to the comfort and Zen of the Gokarna Forest Golf Resort and Spa. In Pokhara, the glamour and exotic destinations are very few in number, and although 15 minutes out from Lake Side Pokhara, none stand out as the Five Star resort known as Phulbari (also seen as Fulbari). Gokarna Forest Golf Resort and Spa is the only International Course (full 18 holes) and is the best manicured golf courses in the country. The Phulbari offers a beautiful resort and some breath-taking golf shots and views.




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  Kathmandu Resorts:

Godavari Village Resort

Club Himalaya (Nagarkot)

Gokarna Forest Golf Resort and Spa

the Phulbari Resort and Spa
Pokhara Nepal
  Gokarna Golf Resort and Spa
Kathmandu Nepal

Summary:     Finding the Phalbari Resort is like finding an oasis in the desert. The Five-Star exotic resort is among the most seductive in the world, and it is about 15 minutes from Pokhara. If looking for a very nice place while visiting the area, this IS the CHOICE. With a stay at the Phulbari, you will feel like you are the only guests in the most accommodating and lush hotel on earth. The Resort has a full spa, restaurant, tennis courts, volleyball courts, golf and a hosts of sporting activities. Landscaping is immaculate, activities abound, and the rich architecture and statues make it the best hotel in Pokhara area (by one-hundred fold). The golf course is a simple criss-cross design that lacks the upkeep and maintenance machinery of Western courses (as seen by the photo below of the maintenance women working to aerate a green by hand). However, you quickly accept the mediocre conditions when you meet the staff and begin trekking the mountain valley edges on your round of golf. Breath-taking views and some very challenging golf shots await. I mean really, where in the world can you get a round of golf like this???? Amazing.


Pokhara Resorts:

Lake View Resort

Fulbari Resort and Spa


Chitwan National Forest Resorts:

Manakamana Village Resort

Gaida Wildlife Camp

Summary:     The ONLY truly international course in NEPAL is Gokarna Golf Resort. It has the layout and conditions of some of the best courses in the United States. And the Resort is simply incredible. If you have ever wanted to escape for a week or two and play some fantastic golf, kick back in a 5-Star Zen Resort, and help yourself to amazing spa treatment, this is your destination. The resort has a beautiful indoor swimming area, spa (possibly the best in all of NEPAL), and great golf. People travel from all over Asia to play this venue. The golf course is placed in what was formally the king's private hunting reserve and still maintains its natural character, as only 15 acres were actually cleared to design the course. Ohhh, and best of all, the same golf course architect that designed Bandon Dunes in Oregon (top 50 course in the United States), designed Gokarna. You are sure to see small barking dear, monkeys and other natural wildlife and you only have to travel twenty minutes from the airport.
The resort has a restaurant with three master chefs preparing foods from India, Nepal and the West. All through-out the resort are comfortable seating areas, cocktail areas and sculpture. This is a rare treat for any traveler. The modern Zen design is present through the architecture, room layouts, and corridors. The Owner has done an amazing job on the development of this project, and it shines through the staff that gratefully comforts all visitors.

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