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Extreme Sports of Nepal - MOTORCYCLING

"As owner of 4COTW, I make use of my time in Nepal to motorcycle across the country. A combination of being very dangerous and extremely beautiful make it a unique adventure. The danger portion is, of course, the steep hillsides and lack of road laws and policing. The beauty, is the fabric of warm people who call this majestic scene "home". You are assured to be welcomed into homes and villages with great warmth and a bit of curiosity.

The vehicle and motorcycle technology is far less advanced in Nepal, and motorcycles of choice are the Indian-made Enfields. They are an old British army bike made to withstand the steep hills and heavy luggage tourists often require. Recent talk of the Maoist problems in Nepal are, for the most part, highly exaggerated (unless you are the king of Nepal!). Problems are with the Kingdom and tourists are not targets. However, certain remote areas can bring one into harm's way. So pay attention to local talk on potential problem areas and keep your eyes on the road. Enjoy viewing or travel the open roads in one of the most awe-inspiring lands on earth."

For more information, we suggest you contact our favorite mechanic and rental location in Nepal - Raju's Bullet Shop. Raju is located in Pokhara, which is our suggested place to begin. Otherwise, starting in Kathmandu places one immediately in a chaotic and dangerous place to ride before getting to know the motorcycle. Contact Raju at:

Raju's Bullet Shop - Pokhara
or email him at


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Just West of Kathmandu The road (along river) to the hot springs of Burungot (near Pokhara) rice fields and homes - monsoon season
photos taken by 4cotw owner
tid griffin

August, 2005

a professional series of photos
are available for view and sale at

At the top of the road to Sarangcot (near Pokhara)   Raju Enfield Shop, Lake Side, Pokhara
Lake Side Pokhara The View from Sarangkot Mountain Pass from Pokhara to Kathmandu (eight hour motorbike ride)
a common scene along the journey the Enfield 350, loaded Chitwan National Forest
City, Pokhara View along the way Lake Side, Pokhara
Roadside chai shop on route Kathmandu Temple Our friends in Kathmandu - beautiful ladies
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Welcome to 4CornersOfTheWorld, a representation of people and arts of Tibet and Nepal. Here's how we work. We travel to the exotic lands, and meet and greet with the top artists around. On location, we usually buy what we feel are the best pieces of art from that individual. We also photograph the artist, record his/her inspirations and/or photograph their homes and communities. This enables two things to happen. First, buyers seeking authentic art from these most peaceful and alluring locations now have a place to find and purchase arts, as well as share in the origins of their purchases. Secondly, it serves to promote these talented masters and open a new outlet for sharing and exporting their works. The vast majority of profits (85%) are returned to the artists or their villages. Our goal is to be a catalyst for these remote talents gaining the visibility and financial support they deserve.

To be completely open with our business practices, I must say that profits from incense and teas are the revenue generating portion of our business. And although our prices are great, this wholesale and internet sale of these items is what keeps us growing and expanding.

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