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Tea and Spices From Nepal


 Teas and Spices from Nepal are among the most natural in the world


In an effort to represent the most vital and quality products of Nepal and Tibet, we have linked with a tea and spice producer in Nepal to offer you the best prices on some of the world's purest tea  products. All teas are dried and then vacuum-seal packaged in foil or plastic. Net weight is 200grams for each package. We welcome wholesale distribution and feel that you will be very pleased with the purity and quality of our producers.

Teas are known throughout the East, and increasingly in the West, for their ayervedic properties. Please consult your physician and educate yourself on the medicinal properties of each tea prior to any rapid introduction into your diet.

First shipments will be sent on October 15 and orders after that date will arrive within one week of your request.

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Tea Small Package Net Weight Small Package Price Bulk Package
Net Weight
Bulk Package Price
Darjeeling Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Ilam Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Pure Nepali Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $24.00
Mixed Nepali Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Cinnamon Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Cardamon Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Jasmine Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Green Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Spices Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Ginger Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Pure Mint Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Assam Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Kenyam Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Orange Pekoe Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Lemongrass Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $24.00
Vanilla Tea 200g $7.50 1 kg $28.00
Spices  & Masalas      
  Small Package
Net Weight
Small Package Price Bulk Package
Net Weight
Bulk Package Price
Hot Curry Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Mild Curry Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Garam Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Meat Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Vegetable Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Dal & Shoup Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Curry w/ Saffron Powder 200g $24.50 1 kg $94.00
Garam Masala w/ Saffron 200g $28.50 1 kg $98.00
Chicken Tandoori Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Fish & Prawn Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Yogurt Lassi & Cake Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Fried Rice Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Pickle Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Chat & Juice Salad Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Mushroom Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Noodle Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Bamboo Shoot Masala 200g n/a 1 kg n/a
Fried Vegetable  Masala 200g $4.90 1 kg $14.95
Rice Masala w/ Saffron 200g $24.50 1 kg $94.00
Tea & Coffee Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Momo Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Chicken Curry Masala 200g $7.50 1 kg $21.50
Black Salt (Tibetan salt)     1 kg $5.50
Vanilla Powder     1 kg $22.50
Cumin Powder     1 kg $16.50
Corlander Powder     1 kg $6.80
Chili Powder     1 kg $6.95
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Welcome to 4CornersOfTheWorld, a representation of people and arts of Tibet and Nepal. Here's how we work. We travel to the exotic lands, and meet and greet with the top artists around. On location, we usually buy what we feel are the best pieces of art from that individual. We also photograph the artist, record his/her inspirations and/or photograph their homes and communities. This enables two things to happen. First, buyers seeking authentic art from these most peaceful and alluring locations now have a place to find and purchase arts, as well as share in the origins of their purchases. Secondly, it serves to promote these talented masters and open a new outlet for sharing and exporting their works. The vast majority of profits (85%) are returned to the artists or their villages. Our goal is to be a catalyst for these remote talents gaining the visibility and financial support they deserve.

To be completely open with our business practices, I must say that profits from incense and teas are the revenue generating portion of our business. And although our prices are great, this wholesale and internet sale of these items is what keeps us growing and expanding.

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